Damas Case Study

Damas Case Study

From 0% Online Targeting to 49.8% Qualified Leads, 7% of them reached the bottom of the sales funnel.

Real Estate Agency in Egypt, Delta region.

With no branding and no detailed targeting, the client had a challenging online presence. The sales team used to make cold calls to possible customers of some data they buy, which were annoying to the customer because most of them were not even of the targeted persona, underage, and people with lower-income, etc. The rest were not interested at all.

We started with building an online presence and showcasing DAMAS’ projects and his contributions to building a better community and enhancing the experience of living in Delta. Hence, we managed to gain customers’ trust. Then, we launched constant campaigns for lead generation to achieve “permission marketing” goals by never making a cold call and to never contact customers without previous interest shown from their side. We relied on live shot videos that present the property in detail, with a voice-over explaining the features.


  1. Almost everyone in the city knows DAMAS very well.
  2. The page obtains organic reach, engagement, and even inquiries for apartments.
  3. DAMAS now has a list of 1500+ Leads to contact.
  4. 7% of the qualified leads made actual visits to the agency.


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April 9, 2020



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