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Bridging Philanthropy and Interactivity: The Fawry X Creatures Charity Campaign 2023

In an era where digital interactivity has evolved beyond the screens of our devices, the real-time engagement of audiences has become more critical than ever. This premise holds true, not only for consumer-oriented businesses but for charitable organizations as well, as they strive to make connections that drive action. That’s why at Creatures, we designed and executed an innovative charity campaign for Fawry, a renowned digital service provider. We decided to blur the lines between the physical and digital world to offer an unprecedented level of interactivity – and in doing so, opened new avenues for charity.

The Problem

Over the years, non-profit organizations have experienced a significant dip in their funding. The traditional method of donation solicitation has lost its charm in the fast-paced digital era, where convenience and instant gratification dominate. The act of giving needed to be reimagined – it needed to be made more engaging, immersive, and instantly rewarding for the donor.  

The Solution

Our teams saw an opportunity to address this challenge head-on. Collaborating with Fawry, we directed a series of interactive videos each of them focused for one of 12 reputable and trusted charity organizations & hospitals:

– Magdi Yacoub Heart
– Foundation
– Children Cancer Hospital
– 57357
– Egyptian Food Bank
– Resala Charity Organization
– Zakat Foundation
– Ahl Misr Foundation
– Ayadi Hospital
– Bahya Foundation for breast cancer
– 500-500 Cancer Hospital
– Misr Al Kheir Foundation
– Mostafa Mahmoud Hospital
– Elnas Hospital

The videos were displayed on public screens across some of Cairo’s most vibrant centers like Cairo Festival City Mall, Mall of Egypt, Arkan Plaza.

These videos were not just on any regular display! screens were equipped with sensors that reacted when people came close, providing an engaging and immersive experience that turned heads and sparked curiosity!

 The Campaign

Our campaign was anchored on two key principles – interactivity and instant gratification.

As soon as a passerby approached the screen, our interactive video would respond, real humans looking at them, and guiding them towards making a donation. Upon contributing, the person would be immediately thanked on the screen and their contribution was highlighted.

The innovative approach of the campaign captured people’s attention and drew them into a unique interaction that was both gratifying and fulfilling, as they saw their efforts instantly acknowledged by the simplest act by which humans express gratitude.. a smile!

Donateurs could see the direct impact of their donation materializing in front of their eyes.


The Impact

4,200,000 Impressions
EGP 10,000,000 in donations

Our interactive charity campaign was met with widespread enthusiasm and participation. We saw a significant uptick in donations made through Fawry, as people were drawn to the novelty of the initiative and the immediate recognition they received.

The campaign not only facilitated an increase in donations but also successfully addressed the major issue of donor disengagement. By gamifying the donation process, we made philanthropy fun and rewarding, thus bringing a new audience of donors into the fold.

Mom, they’re smiling at me! 

The interactive videos we created bridged the gap between the digital and physical world, creating a seamless and engaging donor experience that redefined charitable giving. As we continue to explore and push the boundaries of interactivity, we’re excited to see where our next campaign will take us, and who it will inspire to make a difference.

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